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Change Your Story

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
Editor: Maaria Sabzwari

As we begin a brand-new year, it feels like a clean slate is before us yet again. It’s true that each of us have our own story. Collectively, each family, group, ethnicity, and nation carry their memories, emotional residue of past events and collective samskara or karma and we are practically still dealing with our realities that are the result of choices made in the past. Even so, the beginning of the year feels as though we are standing at a turning point, where we can change our future. And very rightly so! It’s not just about how it feels, it is a very real possibility. Not only when it comes to starting a new year, but also in each moment we have the choice to change our future!

What holds us in the prison of our past is our own mental conditioning to our story. Our minds being so intertwined with our history cannot fathom a new ending or trajectory. We repeat our story internally and externally so much, that it becomes an inseparable part of our identity. In a way we feel stuck in the box of our past and cannot even allow our imagination to fly outside to new possibilities. There is no limit to the space, yet we remain tied to the proverbial plastic chair with the rope of our conditionings, whatever they may be.

Of course, we are quite literally dealing with the consequences of our past choices. Whether it be a career we chose and have done for many years now, yet not feeling fulfilled. Or a debt that we are still carrying around thanks to school hanging over us. Maybe an addiction that has been our way of emotional compensation for a hardship we’ve been through at some point in our journey. Or children that we are responsible for and are the fruits of a marriage that didn’t even work. In some cases, our children have their own issues we must deal with and in fact we feel responsible for those conditions. After all, our children grow up in environments that we essentially create for them.

In no way am I claiming that we were born yesterday and have no past, no story, no pain, or no current reality that we must deal with. Whatever your story and current reality is, you have been doing things to the best of your ability. However, when it all started, the heat of the moment gave a twist to your story. You chose strategies that would be different if you had more time, more resources, more support, and more wisdom. Now, many moons have passed since making those choices and things are different. You are older and have more information, experience, and understanding of life and situations.

Before you let any daunting resolutions cloud your mind, let’s pause for a second. Let’s adjust our lens for one second and for once envision things we would love to experience, rather than obsess over things we don’t want to repeat. Allow your imagination to expand beyond the box of your current reality. Instead of living reactively and responding to what is thrown at us, let’s decide to choose a new way of thinking. Think of something you would love to do rather than what you have to do. It can be something simple each week, like doing a ten-minute meditation, or going on a walk every other day. You could learn a new skill. Be it juggling, singing, playing a musical instrument, a new language, painting, anything you may have been putting off and find enjoyable.

Make room for creating new habits that align with who you want to be, and the life you want to live. Sometimes that may mean organising your environment, other times that means organizing your mind, body, and soul. By taking baby steps you are able to work toward small but real changes while managing your day-to-day responsibilities as well. In doing so you are allowing yourself to think a little outside of the box, while taking small steps towards what you dared to imagine away from your current realities. If you are truly sick and tired of being sick and tired, you can transform your life in a revolutionary way. However, not everyone is necessarily in that state in their life. The good news is that contrary to popular belief, big moves stem from small changes. You are always one decision away from a completely different life.

Remaining positive is key whilst realizing inspired action is a part of the formula. We must bring about change, whether it’s a lifestyle change, or a career change. A change in the way we deal with our relationship(s), or anything else you want and allow yourself to explore. Small changes reflect beautifully in your reality, while subliminally inspiring others around you. Being a trailblazer, more times than not comes down to being yourself, somewhere along the way, you will learn to respect your journey and see why things had to happen the way they did. In turn giving your surroundings the same strength.

What are you waiting for? Who are you waiting for? Nobody can do, what you can do for you. The time is now. After all, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed, yesterday is gone and a part of history. Truth be told, today, this moment really- is all you have. That can be such a blessing when you take a second to shift perspective. Create a vision for your life, start to embody your vision, embrace the moment, and the universe will return the favor.

It can be difficult to change habits. It takes discipline and vigilance to bring yourself back on track mentally, time and time again. We live in a time where there are tools and techniques readily available that can be game changer once you have consciously decided to walk the path. At Be 8nfinite, we can introduce you to many techniques that will help you untangle your past conditionings, and we are just stone’s throw away, ready and poised to support you with our Transformational Coaching.

We believe in your dreams, and much like a midwife we are here to help nurture and deliver your dreams. Our testimonials will provide insight on just how much change our coaching can have. In as short as three months we have been able to see massive progress with people struggling with chronic health conditions, depression, right down to anxiety. With a little bit of dedication, a small shift in mindset, and some our innovative techniques, people have found enthusiasm, and started getting closer to a life they love and have always dreamed of. 

Choose yourself, dig and find those parts of you that deserve to be the best version of yourself, to change your life story today.


Be 8nfinite

Be 8nfinite offers a platform for online transformative learning to inspire and empower you to imagine, create and enjoy the best version of yourself and a life filled with joy. Our focus is on realigning you with the wisdom of your heart, your inner balance, and life purpose to move joyfully toward your highest potential and to bring the quality you desire in all areas of your life. We have various one on one as well as group transformational coaching to dive deeper into understanding your deepest longings, your innate gifts and talents, the most meaningful part you can play and the most and unique contribution you can offer the world.

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