Collaboration Opportunities

We have a dream … a world where humanity lives in the now, in unity, love and joy. Our dream is big and our destination is far. We know we can go fast alone but for going far and for realizing such a big dream we need to go and work together. This collaborative spirit is the basis of our work at Be 8nfinite, for unity is the essence of creation. We deeply  believe we are all from the same source and remain interconnected in our lives. It is known that when we come together in unity and utmost coherence, there comes an opportunity to tap into a new level of collective intelligence beyond each members’ individual potential. In this state of coming together in unity consciousness infinite possibilities will be revealed. However, to access this level of collective intelligence, the key is for each member to be willing to go beyond their ego and individual self.  When we relate and identify with our super-consciousness instead of our small self, in a state of unity consciousness, we give from our hearts. In giving, lies receiving and when we give, we are always giving to ourselves. As the boundary ego considers to separate us from the whole is eliminated now and we are but a drop in the ocean and one with the whole. In this understanding at Be 8nfinite, we have recognized the following forms of collaboration as basic necessities to achieve our dream.

  • Inviting holistic lifestyle practitioners of various modalities
  • Introducing and promoting your work to our audience
  • Supporting your projects
  • Connecting investors to projects in alignment with their purpose 

Inviting Holistic Lifestyle Practitioners

If you are a holistic lifestyle practitioner, wellbeing educator, teacher or wellness coach, we would love to know more about your work and to connect you to the right clients according to their needs in overcoming their subconscious barriers and past traumas.

Introducing and Promoting Your Work

If you have a line of work or practice that serves the world in tandem with our vision and values we would love to introduce your work to our audience through our platform in the form of interviews, book reviews & more.

Supporting Your Projects

We would love to support and accompany you in realizing your projects and ideas if we share the same vision and values. This includes developing your idea and project together, exchanging our experiences, and also connecting you with the right investors, funds and executors.

Connecting Investors to Projects

If you are an investor in search of a meaningful cause to multiply your wealth and also to bring value to the society, we would love to connect you to the right project in alignment with your purpose.

Who can work with us

We would love to hear from you if you are a healer, investor or a project initiator who shares our dream,  resonates with our vision and our values


Not Sure Where to Start?

We are more than happy to have a 30 minutes free consultation session with you to better understand your needs so that we can serve you the best possible way.