Cancellation and Refund


All contracts are binding. we do not offer refunds on our services.

In our 1-on-1 coaching service, I am here to coach you to your highest level of success, and part of that is requiring a commitment from you that you are fully invested in your coaching package. When refunds are an option, you can have “one foot in” the work, and “one foot out” the door. It is to YOUR benefit to decide BEFORE purchasing your package and committing to work with me that I am the right coach for you. I suggest you review the testimonials and book a meet and greet call with me to see if I can support you in achieving your goals. Once you make your mind that you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as I will be for you.
Should you need to reschedule a coaching session, you may do so by providing 48 hours notice in advance of your session and making up the session within a week of the originally scheduled date. Sessions not cancelled 48 hours in advance will not be eligible for make-ups. It is important that you prioritize this work to receive the full benefit of your coaching package.
Generally, there are no refunds for our group coaching programs, healing sessions, and all our other courses and trainings. In case we have exceptional group coaching programs that have a different refund policy such as ‘Money Back Guarantee’, it will be clearly communicated in the program page on the website and advertisement about that specific program.
In case you are not able to attend the session(s) of your individual or group training programs in consideration of your coach and fellow classmates, please provide us with 48 hours notice of cancellation prior to the session or the beginning of the program; otherwise, the cost of the missed program will not be reimbursed.
Please note, if you attend the program partially, the cost of the missed session(s) will not be reimbursed, and the session(s) will not be rescheduled.


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