Be 8nfinite for Individuals

Health and Vitality

Feeling healthy, capable, and energetic is a fundamental building block of living a happy and fulfilled life. Today, more than ever we need to care for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. This category of classes focus on increasing your health and vitality through healing, exercise and clean diets.


Meditation is the way to connect to your inner being, meaning, and wisdom. Our different mediation programs are offered to familiarize you with the endless world and resources you have within. This seemingly simple and insignificant non-action can bring you into a state of balance and harmony where profound healing and change can happen in your life.


In Healing Intention Circles, a group of people come together with connected hearts and focus on one positive intention coupled with coherent emotion (energy in motion). They hold an energetic space to bring about the desired healing and transformation. This participation in unfolding the reality that new science recognizes, has been used in many ancient traditions.


In this setting, you will receive a guided curriculum based on the area of your challenge. Group coaching offers a shared experience through a community of like minded individuals. You will be cheered up and celebrated by group members and will learn from each other. It’s a more affordable way to get guidance from a coach and implement tools and strategies that can help you reach your goals. You may feel less pressure as the attention isn’t all on you.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We are more than happy to have a 30 minutes free consultation session with you to better understand your needs so that we can serve you the best possible way.


You can book our programs for yourself or gift them to your loved ones. A gift that transforms lives and inspires minds. If you are not sure which program to offer your loved ones, you can send them an e-giftcard.