Why Volunteering with Be 8nfinite

At be 8nfinite, you tell us what you love to do and we let you grow in it. Every job you take on provides a new level of insight and professional growth. Voluntary work is no different. So, if you’re looking to fine-tune a skill or get more experience with a particular service, volunteering can provide the platform for you to do just that. 

Here are some of the benefits of volunteering:

1. It’s a great way for learning and skill development

2. It’s a quick way to grow your portfolio

3. If you are a newcomer to Canada, it’s a great and quick way to become familiar with Canadian work culture, gain Canadian work experience and secure work references you need

4. You can shape your leadership, communications, and teamwork skills through volunteering

5. It allows you to build your network

6. You’ll be directly benefiting your community

7. It boosts your confidence and mental health

At Be 8nfinite we believe everyone must do what they absolutely enjoy doing as that’s when they give their best to the work. So we encourage our volunteers to find the intersection of what they love to do and what they are good at and what we need. We welcome volunteers to our friendly, caring, and compassionate environment and we nurture them them to grow and gain experience and confidence in what they love doing. We become their reference as they move on to their future roles.

Think of volunteering with us as an investment in your future.

Our Volunteers Experienced

Isamar Sarmiento Ramirez 

Social Media Content Creator 

” Thank you for everything! It was an amazing experience, I learned so much, and I will remember this forever. Thanks for your patience and all your support through my professional growth. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all your help and good wishes. I hope that Be 8nfinite keeps growing as we all wish. My best wishes to you and the team.”

Olueasegun Gbenga Adedoyin

Digital Content Specialist 

” I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with be8nfinite, finding it incredibly rewarding as it expanded my knowledge of digital content specialization aligned with their activities and programs. Working collaboratively with the team allowed me to share my ideas and apply relevant skills to my volunteering responsibilities. Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with dedicated and passionate individuals, making a difference in the lives of others through various roles. My time at be8nfinite has been invaluable, and I will always cherish the memories and experiences gained here. Being a part of such a remarkable organization has had a profound impact on my life, career, and overall experience in Canada.”

Cici Sun

Social Media Content Creator

“During my time as the Social Media Creator at Be 8nfinite, I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in managing social media platforms and creating engaging content that aligns with the company’s vision of transformative learning and holistic health practices. I worked closely with the team to develop and execute social media strategies that would amplify the reach and impact of Be 8nfinite’s services to the wider community. Through this role, I developed valuable skills in content creation, scheduling, and analytics that allowed me to create effective social media campaigns that resonated with our audience. By analyzing social media metrics and studying the audience’s behavior, I gained a deeper understanding of the importance of inner balance, life purpose, and personal growth. It was a fulfilling experience to be part of a team that was dedicated to supporting individuals in discovering their innate gifts and becoming their best selves. Collaborating with like-minded individuals who shared a passion for transformative learning and holistic health practices was inspiring, and I enjoyed working alongside them towards a common goal. Overall, my time as a Social Media Coordinator at Be 8nfinite provided me with a valuable learning opportunity that allowed me to contribute to the growth and impact of a platform that is committed to promoting positive change in people’s lives. I am grateful for the chance to have been part of Be 8nfinite’s mission and for the experience to develop and hone my skills as a social media professional.”

Mohmmad Imran

Business Development Representative

” My name is Mohmmad Imran and I worked as a Business Development Representative at Be 8nfinite. During my short tenure, I have gained valuable experience working with an amazing team from different parts of the world. The role was not easy for me as I did not have much experience in Business Development but I had interest in doing new things and Business Development is one of them. Negin helped me at every corner throughout my journey and she gave me a chance to have a new experience. She taught me different aspects of the role and not only she encouraged me, she motivated me to work on different projects with my colleagues. I had amazing colleagues working with me, who were always there to help and guide me throughout my journey with Be 8nfinite. I will definitely miss working with Be 8nfinite, where I developed personally and professionally. ”

Mariia Shevchenko

Social Media Content Creator

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work as a Social Media Content Creator with Negin and her team. Although I had never worked in this capacity abroad before, I was able to quickly adapt to the new working environment and learn from my colleagues. Through my work, I was able to fully immerse myself in the company’s culture and gain valuable experience in content creation, strategy development, and project management. I was also able to showcase my skills and contribute to the team’s success in some small way, which was a fulfilling experience. Overall, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity that Negin gave me and for the support and guidance that her team provided. This experience has not only helped me develop my professional skills, but has also given me a new perspective on the global content industry. On top of that I was able to be hired in a paid ‘content creator’ position as a result of this experience. I will always remember this experience fondly and look forward to applying the lessons I have learned in my future endeavors.”

Khilian Vadaila

Digital Marketing Coordinator

“Volunteering at Be 8nfinite was a great learning experience. It allowed me to expand my knowledge of digital marketing by giving me the chance to explore a variety of tasks and areas. At Be 8nfinite, there is a strong sense of teamwork and a positive and friendly work culture. As a leader, Negin helped me in maximizing my potential. Thanks to this volunteer experience, I have a lot more confidence in my abilities now and have successfully advanced to the next stage of my career in the Canadian job market.”

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Vaani Sharma

Content Creator Strategist

“I worked with Be8nfinite as a Content Creator/ Strategist. Starting my career in Canada with Be8nfinite was a hands-on experience for me as I got to work and learn about Canadian work culture. Working under Negin means healthy team work environment. During my service, I was strategizing, creating, scheduling content for Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I not only enjoyed working with Negin but learnt new things, developed new skills, gained better understanding of mental health and personal growth. Be8nfinite helped me strengthen my independent work skills and yet my abilities in having effective teamwork skills.”
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Shani Valand

Social Media Content Creator

“I would like to express my deep gratitude for the opportunity to work at Be 8nfinite over the past 10 months. It has been an incredible journey, and I am immensely grateful for the experience and growth I have gained during my time with this company.I would like to be thankful to Negin M. Khorasani for her trust in my abilities and for providing me with countless opportunities to learn and excel. Her mentorship and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my skills and boosting my confidence. Once again thank you to Negin and entire be 8nfinite team. I’ll try to be connected with be 8nfinite as much as I can…💖”

Sonal Padhiyar

Digital Media Content Creator

“Working at Be 8nfinite as a Volunteer Social Media Content Creator has been a great experience. Negin Khorasani, the co-founder of Be 8nfinite, is a wonderful person who not only helps you learn and grow but also encourages to always have positive attitude. You may choose to work independently or there’s a wonderful team of volunteers who makes the experience worthy. If you are the one who is always looking forward to learning and taking initiatives, Be 8nfinite will provide you the right platform.”

Ugesh Prasad

Senior Marketing Specialist

“Working with “Be Infinite” was an enriching experience that allowed me to contribute to a company dedicated to empowering individuals through transformational coaching. The company’s commitment to helping clients achieve personal growth and unlock their potential was truly inspiring. As a senior marketing specialist, I had the privilege of being part of the team that managed the social media presence for “Be 8nfinite.” My role involved crafting engaging content every week and fostering a vibrant online community. Collaborating closely with the transformational coaching team, I did resonate with our target audience and conveyed the essence of personal growth and empowerment through every post I created.”

Bansari Bhatt

Digital Media Content Creator

“There is no way I can adequately express my gratitude to people who have helped me during this journey especially Negin for her encouragement and guidance. She helped me discover new skill sets that I never knew existed. She is a gem of a person. I have completely enjoyed working with the entire team. I wish you all an exciting and successful future filled with happiness and success.”

Serena Martini

Social Media Content Creator

“As my time working with the Be 8nfinite marketing team is coming to an end I would like to thank everyone I worked with for such a great experience. I had the incredible opportunity to dive headfirst into the dynamic world of marketing. I was entrusted with creating social media content that would be used to reach our target audience and grow the company’s connections. Collaborating with the talented marketing team taught me the importance of creativity and strategy in crafting compelling messaging that resonates with the target audiences. I also had the chance to work with various digital marketing tools and platforms, which deepened my understanding of the digital landscape. I was able to express my creativity through digital marketing and use the technics taught in classes into the real world.”

Ekaterina Kunakovskaia

Social Media Specialist

“I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the Be-infinite project as a content creator for social media platforms. It has been an incredibly meaningful experience that has not only brought me satisfaction but also a profound respect for your mission and values. Thanks to the support and guidance of Negin, I was able to develop my skills and creative potential, using them to create informative and inspiring materials. I can confidently say that your project makes a deep and positive impact on society. Through your work, important messages and information about self-discovery become more accessible and visible to a wide audience. I am proud to have been a part of your project and to have contributed to its success.”

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