Why Volunteering with Be 8nfinite

Every job you take on provides a new level of insight and professional growth. Voluntary work is no different. So, if you’re looking to fine-tune a skill or get more experience with a particular service, volunteering can provide the platform for you to do just that.

Here are some of the benefits of volunteering:

1. It’s a great way for learning and skill development

2. It’s a quick way to grow your portfolio

3. If you are a newcomer to Canada, it’s a great and quick way to become familiar with Canadian work culture, gain Canadian work experience and secure work references you need

4. You can shape your leadership, communications, and teamwork skills through volunteering

5. It allows you to build your network

6. You’ll be directly benefiting your community

7. It boosts your confidence and mental health

At Be 8nfinite we welcome volunteers to our friendly, caring, compassionate environment and we nurture them and allow them to grow and gain experience and confidence. We become their reference as they move on to their future roles.

Think of volunteering with us as an investment in your future.

Our Volunteers Experienced

Isamar Sarmiento Ramirez 

Social Media Content Creator 

” Thank you for everything! It was an amazing experience, I learned so much, and I will remember this forever. Thanks for your patience and all your support through my professional growth. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all your help and good wishes. I hope that Be 8nfinite keeps growing as we all wish. My best wishes to you and the team.”

Mohmmad Imran

Business Development Representative

” My name is Mohmmad Imran and I worked as a Business Development Representative at Be 8nfinite. During my short tenure, I have gained valuable experience working with an amazing team from different parts of the world. The role was not easy for me as I did not have much experience in Business Development but I had interest in doing new things and Business Development is one of them. Negin helped me at every corner throughout my journey and she gave me a chance to have a new experience. She taught me different aspects of the role and not only she encouraged me, she motivated me to work on different projects with my colleagues. I had amazing colleagues working with me, who were always there to help and guide me throughout my journey with Be 8nfinite. I will definitely miss working with Be 8nfinite, where I developed personally and professionally.  ”

Khilian Vadaila

Digital Marketing Coordinator

“Volunteering at Be 8nfinite was a great learning experience. It allowed me to expand my knowledge of digital marketing by giving me the chance to explore a variety of tasks and areas. At Be 8nfinite, there is a strong sense of teamwork and a positive and friendly work culture. As a leader, Negin helped me in maximizing my potential. Thanks to this volunteer experience, I have a lot more confidence in my abilities now and have successfully advanced to the next stage of my career in the Canadian job market.”

Not Sure Where to Start?

We are more than happy to have a 30 minutes free consultation session with you to better understand your needs so that we can serve you the best possible way.