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Remembering Our Wholeness 

Author: Negin M. Khorasani

As I am gazing at the fire and immerse myself in its warmth, I recognize the fullness of life at this moment. I recognize how this moment is perfect in every sense and every way. I am one with life… with the entire existence. I feel my fullness through this sense of unity with all that is there. I am the universe…Om So Hum!

Sometimes, in the activities of our days, in the highly active doing mode of ours, we forget our connection to the whole. We forget the fullness, perfection, and expansiveness of our being. We forget the wholeness of who we already are. We forget the miracle of life itself. We forget what at some point everybody looked at as magical in us when we first were born. Our life itself was a magical event in the beginning. We were considered a miracle from our conception to being born into this world. The first time we opened our eyes was celebrated by everybody around us as if the sun was shining on earth. Our first smile was an embodiment of joy for our parents and loved ones.

What happened that we forgot all the beauty of life as it flows in us and around us? Why did we lose our sense of reverence for life? Why don’t we think of each and every movement of our bodies as magical? Why don’t we realize that even in our worst days we are miracles on earth like other forms of life … our bodies, our minds, and the life force that breathes and moves us …absolutely glorious! Why don’t we feel the miracle of our waking every morning? Can we not see its grandiose and lie down in awe and appreciation for it before any move? Can we not feel its fullness and allow it to fill our heart with gratitude beyond measure and just savor it for a while as we awake? Won’t our natural response to this awareness be sitting for a while in appreciation of this miracle we call life and to savor it in silence?

That might be something we all need to focus our attention upon our awakening every day. Also as our day unfolds we can bring ourselves back into our connection to the source, to our wholeness again and again. We can constantly remind ourselves of who we truly are, of the divinity that we are. That can be our practice all day long. Where we consciously eliminate the mind-made boundary that separates us from all that is and allow ourselves to become whole and be connected with everyone and everything. As we walk, talk, and do things, we can consciously immerse ourselves and everything around us in this remembrance of the unity of everything. Awakening to this wholeness is true healing for all of us from any condition we may be suffering from. All the sufferings are a result of buying into the illusion of separation, which in turn brings us feelings of fear, worry, unworthiness, smallness, and inadequacy.

With this attitude of oneness with all, we are already at our destination. We recognize we are one with the source of everything. Then this awareness naturally emerges that there are nobody and no-thing we need to hold on to, to feel complete. We are already complete and whole. We recognize the absence of this wholeness is only a construct of our mind/ego and like any imagination, we can change it at will and with awareness. We recognize our eternal and omnipresence. We recognize that time and space are also mind/ego constructs and therefore an illusory understanding of how we are. With bringing more awareness to this area, the stress over doing disappears. It doesn’t mean we don’t do anything, but our attitude toward doing changes. Our actions turn into what naturally arises in response to situations we face. Our actions won’t be done anymore to bring us anything as we don’t believe in any lack when we feel whole. Our actions in this state are desireless actions and therefore devoid of any attachment to the results.

Our days might be very active but we don’t feel busy. For we are not rushing from one action into the next. We give ourselves fully to one activity as it appears itself to us until we feel complete about it and then something else may appear to us as needing our attention. At each moment we are fully present to that moment and what we are doing in that very moment. Our attention is fully with us and with what we intend to do at that moment. There are also moments that we just are, that we allow ourselves to just be and feel the fullness of existence … the beauty and miracle of what we call life, in connection with the whole. Remember that you are the universe and tell yourself: Om So Hum!


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