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Each Day an Inspiration

Author: Negin M. Khorasani
Editor: Lori McDowell

There is power in how we choose to begin our day.
Beginning your day in reaction to ‘what was’, limits you and your life. But starting your day with inspiration or ‘what can be’, is liberating and can help you expand to your highest potential.

Where do I find inspiration?
The easiest way is to sit in silence for some time with your eyes closed. Since the majority of sensory information enters our brain through sight, if we close our eyes and remain still, we allow our brain to rest.

In this state we are able to connect with our heart, the receiver of our inspirations. This passivity, as opposed to activity, is called meditation. If you start your day with 20 to 30 minutes of meditation, before doing anything else, you can be inspired and guided from within. If your days are particularly busy, your active mind may need more time to settle and connect to your source of inspiration.

I am always eager to meet with my higher self, first thing every morning, to see what inspiration and guidance it has for me that day. After meditation, I write down whatever inner observations, ideas and clarity have come to me. I do a breathing practice, movement and stretching. Then I eat breakfast while listening to sublime, high vibrational and inspiring music. Only after this two-hour ritual to connect with my higher self, am I ready to check my messages, emails and social media to see what the world wants from me.

I do not dwell on what happened in the past.

Aim Forward

I confess, on the December 21 Winter Solstice, I did look back at 2020. Although it had contained some positive breakthroughs for me in my personal life and for us collectively, I decided to begin the New Year differently.

This year, similar to my days, my life will be shaped by the vision ahead. I will not allow the past to condition or limit my life.

When you dwell on an unfortunate past event and tell that story to yourself and others to explain or justify a certain condition in your life, you deepen that event’s influence on your life. You thicken the walls of your prison and miss your opportunity to escape. If instead, you focus on what inspires you and pay attention to the possibilities that are around and ahead of you, you move your energy in a different direction. This new direction moves and ultimately shapes your life. Each moment will bring more and more opportunities that match your energy.

You can choose to allow what has happened in your past to dictate your shortcomings or the limitations of your life. Or, you can choose to be inspired by your future potential and allow that to guide your overall direction in life and your day-to-day actions.

It’s time for each of us to allow ourselves to be inspired by our future and to allow our vision to direct us, give us guidance and mold our lives. It’s time to liberate yourself from the limitations of your past and to break the habit of being who you were. Only then can you become who you are meant to be and embrace your full potential.  By doing this individually, we can collectively help make a better world, where everyone lives in balance and harmony, in alignment with their true potential.


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