Samaneh Maddah

Mindfulness teacher, MBSR specialist

My background in evidence-based approaches and my interest in holistic well-being has motivated me to explore the robust research base of mindfulness as a tool for creating mindful communities, whether it’s the workplace, schools or a small community. Over the years I have tried to share what I have gained through years of practice and study with others, helping them find peace and balance amidst busy lives.

The marriage of science and ancient practices such as mindfulness fascinates me and I am keen on sharing this concept which holds both worlds at the same time with the ones interested. I am truly blessed to have had a chance to work and study with some amazing teachers on this path from different schools of thought and traditions.

Connecting with others and exploring the many potentialities that are already there within us through contemplative practices in general, mindfulness in particular, has turned this field into something beyond my job. It’s a passion and a nourishing motivation.

I offer group and one-to-one sessions based on needs and circumstances. They include introductory mindfulness sessions for those who are seeking tools and techniques to find peace in this frantic world as well as MBSR ( Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) courses for those who would like to explore deeper and try some more tools to improve their wellbeing.

  • MSc. Evidence-based Social Intervention
  • Mindfulness Teacher Training Level One
  • MBSR Specialist training