Negin M. Khorasani

Transformation Coach & Creative Expression Facilitator 

I have been a lifelong seeker of truth and meaning and have learned from many traditions and schools of thought. My life experiences and a long journey of self inquiry, coupled with learnings from valuable teachers, the education, and certifications that I have received have brought me to a place of supporting others in their self-development journeys.  

My natural sensitivity and empathy enhanced by years of my practice as a Heartfulness trainer allow me to easily and immediately connect with my clients’ emotional conditions. I show them how self-compassion and acceptance of what is along with embracing their feelings fully can create a space for change. Through a process of challenging and removing the self or societal made limitations in their minds, most of the difficulties my clients struggle with, disappear. So instead of solving their problems I mainly dissolve them.

This liberating perspective that recognizes limitations in the eyes of the beholder rather than in beholden brings an instant sense of relief and empowers my clients to positively tend to what needs their attention in their lives for the change they would like to experience. I inspire people to get in touch with their inner being, meaning, balance, wisdom and to identify their unique ways of expression and their most impactful roles they can have in society. I show them how powerful creators they are and how they can take charge as the architects of their awareness and design their destinies in alignment with the Divine plans and the highest good of all. 

I studied architecture at the university. As a result of that and my personal experience with artistic expression in various forms of arts such as poetry, drawing, painting, wood carving, pottery, photography, and video art as well as reviewing many works of art, art critiques, film critiques, and studying art history, I became fluent in writing reviews and critiques on films, theatre performances, paintings, architecture projects, and any art form. I was able to draw the depth of the feeling behind a photo or painting by the balance of empty space and form, light and darkness, color composition or the feelings behind the lines, brush movements, or a gesture of an actor, the angle of the camera, the lighting, and the mise en scene and much more.

To reveal the hidden meanings of arts and how our inner world could be uncovered through various art forms, I wrote in magazines and co-hosted movie screening and film critique sessions for many years. I also taught rendering and composition at a university in Tehran. Later on, I put cultural events and festivals together and held poetry and music programs to hold space for those who would like to express themselves creatively.

To me, any form of art beyond the end result and maybe more than that is about discovering our inner world and finding ways to clearly and openly express our feelings in ways more freeing than logical utilization of words. Being engaged in the creative process also keeps us tuned into our hearts and present in the moment and therefore in a state of joy. 

One of the areas of my fascination is mythology, archetypes, and the collective unconscious. My studies in the field of psychology, years of meditation practice and teaching it, my coaching practice and working with people as well as my personal inner and mystical journey have given more depth to my interpretations and readings of other people’s creative expression.

I rejoice in supporting individuals and groups to get in touch with their inner being, meaning, feelings, and needs and, to explore the healing effects of art and to discover their unique ways of expression, and to identify their most effective and impactful roles in society. 

The key to finding all the answers, solutions, and courage to overcome any problem you are facing with is in your consciousness. I will partner with you and empower you in finding your answers and all you need within as you expand your consciousness and can see beyond your limiting beliefs and thought patterns. 

It’s always a beautiful and rewarding moment for me to see a glowing face in the light of a newfound hope with a twinkle in the eyes when a person truly feels how their life can be a joyful journey of infinite possibilities with magnificent creation and endless expansion of consciousness. 

  • Certified Life Coach 
  • Certified Heartfulness Trainer
  • Certified Cognitive Coach by Brighter Minds
  • Certified Cognitive Coach by Brighter Minds
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
  • PhD Student in Psychology: Consciousness Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture