Nadia Izbitskaya

Creativity, Music & Meditation Teacher

My name in Nadia, the full Russian form, Nadejda, means “hope”. I was born in Russia, grew up in Ukraine and for the last 29 years, I have lived in Canada. I am a professional musician: a choir conductor and teacher of voice and piano. 

In Ukraine, I was a singer and choir conductor with the Kyiv Chamber Choir, which performed on many stages in Europe, and other countries. After completing my PhD, I taught at the Institute of Culture in Kyiv.

In Canada, I taught piano and voice in my private studio, and voice at the Queen’s University Conservatory. I organized and directed a women’s choir called Aurora. The highlight of our performance was representing Canada at the International Choir Festival in 2001. I always did different volunteer work and greatly enjoyed them. 

I truly believe that the challenges in our lives are given to us with the purpose of enabling us to discover the power within ourselves to overcome them and to rise above them to a place of joy and gratitude.  Creativity is my great helper in this journey.

I love myself when I am kind, thankful, and joyful, and when I help others.  I also like to laugh at myself.  When my spirits are low, I know it’s temporary! There is a very touching story in my life, and as a result of its events, I came to be known to some as Madame Crocodile.  I like to call myself that.  I believe it is human nature to be loving and kind, and in my heart, I want to see that in everyone, even in crocodiles.

I love to share my creative inspiration with others and to share some personal wisdom I have gained through life’s experiences because I believe that at our core we are all strong-spirited, creative, and able to direct ourselves toward a balanced, meaningful, and joyful life.  We only have to find the sources of inspiration that are hidden inside us.
As the meaning of my name is hope, I would like to be a messenger of hope to the people around me: the hope that we can find great satisfaction in our lives, regardless of circumstances, by understanding who we truly are, who we choose to be in our life’s journey.

Now that I am 71 I feel young and am not afraid of getting older. I have been through much of the joy and pain of life, I can see that life is indeed beautiful.  In the words of the Canadian poet Charles Roberts, it is “A little sweet, A brief delight.”  I always keep this thought close to me.

I am looking forward to meeting new friends and bringing a smile to their hearts through Healing H’Art.

  • Musician
  • Piano &Voice Teacher 
  • Certified Heartfulness Trainer 
  • PhD in Music