Mouna Herro

Reiki Usui Tibetan Master

I have started out as a language and art teacher for 25 years, everything from kindergarten to university level. Along the way, I’ve met quite a few children who had blockages in one way or another. Some thought they couldn’t do better, others were plain afraid.

What they didn’t know was that we are all connected to the source. My job as a teacher was guiding them along and helping them release their fears. Once they feel comfortable with what they are learning, miracles happen. This improvement can be pronunciation or artistically, they just open up and bloom like little flowers. And this is not limited to children only.

How many of us feel stressed and blocked because we don’t know how to deal with life? Yet, it’s all about acceptance. This is what teachers and healers have in common, both are ultimately about accepting who we are and guiding others towards that.

It’s up to us to accept life for what it is and what it offers. Whenever we feel we cannot handle our day-to-day life, we can ask for help. Sometimes we might not receive an answer, at others, miracles happen. In the end we always get what we need. It’s just a process. The more we are open to accept, the more life can give us. Today, I offer my help. It’s up to you to accept it.

My services include:

  • Reiki (including the help of angels)
  • Akashic Reading