Lalao Randy

Eurythmyst & Mediation Trainer

I have always been interested in movement and I was practicing martial arts for years;

But… Something in me expected, let’s say, more interiority.

And one day, I watched a performance of a German group; it was Eurythmy: from this day on, I knew I will do this art of movement.

And I was lucky to have the opportunity to study it in Lausanne, the city where I am living.

It was 4 years of training, full-time, I mean, every morning, and two afternoons.

In a sense, it was hard, because we had to move a lot, physically, and we had many subjects.

But I loved this period, where we were in a kind of fairy world.

I taught eurythmy in a Waldorf school, and at the same time, I was part of a stage group.

And in the flow, I met a meditation method called Heartfulness, and this changed the way I see the world. And I was happy, because eurythmy is based on the heart, and the essence of this meditation is to put our attention on the heart.

So, I am here now.

  • Certificate in Eurythmy 
  • Heartfulness Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Heartfulness Trainer
  • Certificate in Energy Therapy 
  • Degree in Clinical Psychology