Janet Yates

Partner in Trance Work

We all have natural abilities to heal ourselves. My name is Janet and I would like to support you in settling unresolved challenges and patterns from the past and live an emotionally freer life. Drawing on trance work techniques, we will create a safe, secure space. I will guide you through steps to align your inner resources to resolve and overcome obstacles at the origins. I would like to support you in discovering the deep resources within and to empower you with tools for a lifetime of healing.

Many experiences and events have led me to offering trance work, including some pivotal training that has shaped my approach. I trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, a leading authority in the field of past life regression therapy and author of Many Lives, Many Masters. I also studied with Roy Hunter, a prominent leader in parts therapy and author of The Art of Spiritual Hypnosis. I learned neuro-linguistic programming from Melissa Tiers, founder of The Center For Integrative Hypnosis and have attended workshops with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, of The Four Winds Society. I am a certified hypnotist and I build on this contemporary practice by working with trance states.

In early life, my spiritual awareness started at a preschool summer camp and was nurtured in the Christian environment that I grew up in. Building on this, I began to make my own way without any beliefs in the world of brand advertising working on Molson, Dulux and Splenda accounts. Worn out and empty, I quit it all. Drawn to photography and art, in both Toronto and Berlin, I learned a wordless language which opened a new world to me. I guest curated a national German exhibition on a famous Canadian photographer with an accompanying catalogue and award winning book. More than 20 years ago I became a Reiki master and gravitated towards alternative healing modalities, including earth-based traditions. In addition, the universal archetypes in astrology help to guide my work in understand ourselves and the world.

My techniques are deeply based and guided by the study and practice of meditation. I am a Heartfulness meditation trainer and practitioner for over 15 years and I encourage all to be curious about its benefits.

My services include:

  • TranceWork for Inner Conflict Resolution
  • Past Life Regression