Glenda Mattinson

Internationally Certified Communication Trainer, Coach & Mediator

Since I was a teenager, my passion has been to help people feel good about themselves and enjoy their relationships with others. I started by studying Organizational Psychology and working in organizations because we spend so much of our time there. But I soon discovered that it is the attitude and interpersonal skills that we bring to all our relationships that has the biggest effect on the quality of our lives – at home and at work. I also discovered that I had a lot to learn and improve in these areas myself. So I spent the next few years studying – including coaching and leadership training – and applying the lessons to myself as well as helping others benefit from them.

But the biggest breakthrough came when I discovered NVC (Nonviolent Communication). It provided the most powerful tools I had ever encountered for supporting people to improve their relationships with others – and with themselves. I have been practicing and sharing these skills for over 18 years now and I’m thrilled at the difference I’ve seen them make in the lives of individuals, couples and work teams – as well as in my own life.

People feel good about themselves, appreciated by the people in their lives, and they know how to address issues in peaceful, positive conversations that lead to effective and lasting solutions while also strengthening their relationships with whoever they’ve got an issue with.

My services include:

  • Individuals
    – Coaching to address a particular difficult situation or relationship in a way that gets your needs met while also creating better relationships with others involved – so problems are less likely to arise in future
    – Training in a step-by-step approach for addressing any difficult situation in a way that leaves you feeling good about yourself, satisfied with the resolution, and in a better relationship with the other person
  • Couples
    – Helping couples find peaceful solutions to long-standing issues
    – Helping them learn how to communicate in ways to prevent and resolve future conflicts peacefully and effectively
  • Work Teams
    – How to build a positive team environment
    – How to address issues in ways that produce effective solutions that everyone is willing to implement, strengthen relationships, and result in people leaving work with more energy and enthusiasm for coming back tomorrow
  • Managers and leaders
    – Support to address issues with particular team members and/or conflicts between team members to produce lasting solutions and a more cohesive and productive team