Gabriela Vanin

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

My way to Yoga was long, but here I am: “so ham“

Already as teenager I dealt with meditation and consciousness of the body – I started with autogenic training and Jacobson‘s progressive muscle relaxation combined with meditative imaginary journeys. After a bad back distress, I tried to hollow my consciousness for the connection between body, mind and soul with Eutony. In 2003 I got to know Hatha Yoga. Already during the first Yoga class I felt that Yoga is good for my body. I recognized that this philosophy taught me more than any other technique I knew until then – in the first place mindfulness, but also consciousness of the body, it opens the mind and puts it at rest, it’s an attitude towards life … and you can practice Yoga whenever and wherever.

After almost 20 years of practice, I was more interested in the yogic philosophy. Finally, in 2019 I started the Yoga Teacher Training at Vishnu’s Vibes in Düsseldorf/Germany ( The link between Hatha and Vinyasa is just wonderful.

And what about play, fun and beauty ?

It’s important to me to professionally convey Yoga and to open the possibility to anyone to see the marvelousness of Yoga. Yoga can help to become more flexible, but also stronger and powerful; to find satisfaction and serenity, as well as happiness and even beauty in yourself and all things.

My classes are coined by mindfulness for the outside practice, the ásanas – body postures; but also for the inside practice, the observation of thoughts, feelings, perceptions. In my classes it’s allowed to laugh as well. Your Yoga mat is your playground. Nonsense and fun bring effortlessness to your practice. Joy with Yoga is important!

I’m looking forward to join you on your Yoga path.