Be 8nfinite Values

At Be 8nfinite, we embarked on a journey in order to define our values which are very close to our hearts, and here you can read more on the meaning behind each value:


Heartfulness, which means living by the heart with honesty, awareness, empathy, responsibility, trust, and having the courage to surrender to our higher consciousness is the cornerstone of Be 8nfinite. When you are deeply connected to your your roots, and your truths, and your heart’s knowing finding your way is easy. Follow your heart fiercely and fearlessly, without force, and yield to the infinite!


Joy is a natural quality of our soul. Through experience, we believe that joy is a higher vibration that prepares us for elevated creation.  Joy prevails when we can rise above situational chaos and recognize the order that rules the universe. We rejoice in helping people to achieve a harmonious, centered and aligned state. When more of us find our joy, the more joy we find in the world.


Creativity is another key quality of our soul. Each of us is a spark of the divine energy that, with a stir of deep desire, created the entire universe. In fact, we cannot not create! So if you do not create by design, you create by default. Everything we see and experience in our lives is our own creation. We at Be 8nfinite aspire to guide you step by step, to connect with your creative nature and to help you manifest a life you love!


In the words of Leonardo Da Vinci, “the ultimate sophistication is simplicity.”  We believe in the beauty and timelessness of simplicity and aspire to help you easily grasp and effectively work with even the most complex concepts. Together we will chip away the unnecessary, untruthful layers until we get to the essence of beauty, balance and harmony where nothing more and nothing less should be done. According to the Tao Te Ching, a fundamental philosophical and religious text dating from the 4th century BC, “Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being!” That’s when we are in tune with Nature and our Source. 


In a state of authenticity, we are in harmony with our truth. Authenticity is the natural result of knowing our quintessential Self and clarity about our values and priorities. Because they are rooted in our deepest truths, integrity in our actions follows and nothing can shake the structure of our personality, our thinking and, above all, our being. It allows a way of being that is flowing naturally and effortlessly.  It takes courage and integrity to be authentic as it means we are also able to embrace our vulnerabilities and imperfections and only then we can truly improve and evolve.   


Unity is the understanding and the celebration of our wholeness while valuing our uniqueness. We believe in unity and the beauty of all things in creation, including humanity. Every being, even seemingly insignificant ones, contributes to the whole with its uniqueness.  At Be 8nfinite, we have a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and the importance of unity among all beings, even beyond humanity.