Meet Negin M. Khorasani

I am a social entrepreneur, a consciousness activist, researcher, educator and coach. I have been a lifelong seeker of truth and meaning and have learned from many traditions and schools of thought. My life experiences and a long journey of self inquiry, coupled with learnings from valuable teachers, the education and certifications that I have received have brought me to a place of supporting others in their self-development journeys.  

My natural sensitivity and empathy enhanced by years of my practice as a Heartfulness trainer allow me to easily and immediately connect with my clients’ emotional conditions. I show them how self-compassion and acceptance of what is along with embracing their feelings fully can create a space for change. Through a process of challenging and removing the self or societal made limitations in their minds, most of the difficulties my clients struggle with, disappear. So instead of solving their problems I mainly dissolve them.

This liberating perspective that recognizes limitations in the eyes of the beholder rather than in beholden brings an instant sense of relief and empowers my clients to positively tend to what actually needs their attention in their lives for the change they would like to experience. I inspire people to get in touch with their inner being, meaning, balance, wisdom and to identify their unique ways of expression and their most impactful roles they can have in society. I show them how powerful creators they are and how they can take charge as the architects of their awareness and design their destinies in alignment with the Divine plans and the highest good of all. 

The key to finding all the answers, solutions, and courage to overcome any problem you are facing with is in your consciousness. That’s why I am calling myself a ‘Consciousness Coach’ as I will partner with you and empower you in finding your answers and all you need within as you expand your consciousness and can see beyond your limiting beliefs and thought patterns. 

It’s always a beautiful and rewarding moment for me to see a glowing face in the light of a newfound hope with a twinkle in the eyes when a person truly feels how their life can be a joyful journey of infinite possibilities with magnificent creation and endless expansion of consciousness. 

  • Founder and Consciousness Educator & Coach at Be 8nfinite 
  • Certified Professional Life Coach – ICF Accredited Training
  • Certified Heartfulness Trainer
  • Certified Brighter Minds Facilitator
  • Career Coach and Mentor with TRIEC
  • Heartfulness Polarity Practitioner
  • Heartful Communication Practitioner
  • Member of the Board of Directors at Brock Township Public Libraries and ROTOM Canada 
  • Member of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Brock Township Public Library
  • Moderator for Muse, an Evening of Poetry and Music, Jane’s Walk City Organizer for Brock Township, and Guest Moderator for Awakin Calls at Service Space and Howl Radio Show
  • Published in magazines such as Tehran Avenue, Constant Remembrance, Heartfulness, and FIPGARA
  • PhD Student in Psychology: Consciousness Studies
  • Master’s Degree in Architecture


Our Volunteers

Learn about the people contributing to Be8nfinite

Isamar Sarmiento Ramirez
Social Media Content Creator

Isamar has been the Be 8nfinite’s talented Social Media Content Creator for 8 months whose work with us came to a close recently. Here is what she says about her experience:Thank you for everything! It was an amazing experience, I learned so much, and I will remember this forever. Thanks for your patience and all your support through my professional growth.

Oluwasegun Gbenga Adedoyin
Digital Content Specialist

Segun’s passion for growth and development using digital technology over the years has led him to volunteering and working with businesses and non for profit organisations. At Be 8nfinite, Segun volunteers with the digital team as a digital content specialist where he works and synergies with other team members. He is keen on learning, teamwork and collaboration.

Shani Valand
Social Media & Digital Marketing Executive

Shani is passionate about digital marketing. He always tries to figure out new things and apply them into action. Shani is pursuing his passion by working at Be8nfinite. He always tries to come up with creative and engaging content for social media as well as business development.

Khilan Vadalia
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Khilan is a naturally inclined digital marketer whose drive to learn and master digital marketing skills is remarkable. Khilan fulfills his passion by volunteering at Be8nfinite, using his experience and skills to create educational content and professional conversations on Be 8nfinite’s LinkedIn page. Khilan enjoys brainstorming creative content ideas and design with other team members to improve the presence of Be 8nfinite on social media.

Michael Omotoso
Business Development Representative

Michael is a friendly, approachable, customer centric individual who is passionate and empathetic towards the needs of his clients. He uses his passion in the volunteer work with Be 8nfinite as a Business Development Representative and derives joy from clients’ satisfaction and learning.

Mohmmad Imran
Business Development Representative

Mohmmad Imran is Be 8nfnite’s Business Development Representative. He also assists in event coordination and digital marketing activities. Mohmmad Imran has a strong drive for business development and his enterprising ideas and his passion for learning on this topic are remarkable. He is also gaining new experience and skills while volunteering with Be 8nfinite and working with its amazing team.Imran aspires to be an exceptional leader and to find the bravery that awaits behind the fear of failure so that he can contribute more to Be 8nfinte’s new heights!

Mohaned M. Abdelrahman
Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

I am so passionate about Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Performance Marketing, and I’m eager to be one of the best in the field in order to help making a great impact and improving people’s lives.

Cici is Be 8nfnite’s social media content creato

Cici’s passion for digital marketing and increasing businesses’ awareness through social media is incorporated into her volunteer work as Be 8nfnite’s social media content creator. Quick to learn and willing to take on new challenges, Cici is always ready to contribute her skills and knowledge to benefit the team.


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Our collaborators are dedicated to guiding and empowering you in transforming your life in different areas by nurturing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being.

Rita Mustafa

Cici Safavi

Guy Shahar

Holistic Nutritionist, Acupuncturist

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Energy Healer

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Certified Emotion Code & Body Code Practitioner

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Janet Yates

Mouna Herro

Dimitra Eisterer Petimeza

Partner in Trance Work

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Reiki Usui Tibetan Master

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Yoga & Meditation Instructor

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Gabriela Vanin

Glenda Mattinson

Hemachandu Veerisetty

Yoga & Meditation Instructor

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Internationally Certified Communication Trainer, Coach & Mediator

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Certified MSC Teacher

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Helle Laursen

Nadia Izbitskaya

Lalao Randy

Certified MSC Teacher

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Creativity, Music & Meditation Teacher

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Eurythmyst & Mediation Trainer

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Negin M. Khorasani

Doug Vogel

Paul Pasternok

Consciousness Educator & Coach

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NLP & Hypnosis Practitioner

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Leadership & Career Coach

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