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My message to you

As a seeker of truth and meaning, there came a time in my life when focusing on my heart’s longing seemed my responsibility and the right move both in my individual life and for the world I was observing around me. I felt a need to share a message of hope and empowerment to my fellow human beings and create a space and environment conducive to allowing others to reach for all they were capable of becoming.

On this path sincere, good, old friends and beautiful new ones supported me to bring what I had in mind into manifestation. I never felt alone in this journey as I have been blessed with a strong circle of like-minded people around me.  I am grateful for each and every friend of mine and the beautiful community who embraced my invitation to work and grow together. We joined forces to provide support to others who are ready to expand their consciousness beyond the familiar known and step into the unknown under the care and support we provide for them.

No doubt we are living in challenging times. It can often be tempting to fall prey to the negativity, unfairness and injustice that can be so prevalent in the world around us. But there is another way. By realizing that every challenge we face has the inherent potential to heal and transform; we can learn to approach all obstacles from a different paradigm. This shift in perspective is the realization that all challenges are designed to make us grow and activate our infinite potential.

We invite YOU to embark on this journey with us. Bring your willingness to try new things and be prepared to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and what you think you know. On this path, unity of your heart and mind is key.

Our mission

Our vision

 We inspire people to get in touch with the wisdom of their heart and empower them to actualize their true potential.


A world where all beings live in balance and harmony, in alignment with their true potential

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Be 8nfinite is a co-creative network of transformational teachers, healers, executives and investors.